What Makes a Perfect Las Vegas Pool?

While Las Vegas is best known for casinos, many property owners recognize the unique climate of Las Vegas and place a heavy value in their pools. To do Vegas pools properly, you need the right supplies. Utilize these resources to be prepared for the needs of your clients in the Las Vegas area.

Pools in Las Vegas

Southern Nevada has a unique climate that is dry and hot. This can make it difficult for clients to maintain their swimming pool water. Those that do not maintain their water effectively could be exposed to water borne diseases or even physical injuries. Clients that own a pool in Las Vegas will want to ensure that they are following a weekly pool service routine, have access to pool repair services, and are able to securely close the pool for the winter. Offering these services to your clients in Las Vegas can help you to elevate your pool business.

Pool Construction

Clients may be interested in many different types of pools for their property. Offering remodeling and installation services to both residential and commercial properties in Las Vegas can help your pool business provide exactly what your clients are looking for. If you are planning on offering pool construction to your clients, you will want to be familiar with the four most popular types of materials used in pool construction.

Concrete with plaster or aggregate finishes. This type of in-ground pool can take a while to install, but it is considered the most durable material for a pool to be made out of. It is also used for custom-shaped swimming pools.

Concrete and tile or stone. This type of pool finish is merely for decoration and does not add any benefit to the longevity of the pool, but it is aesthetically pleasing. 

Fiberglass. Fiberglass pools can be installed quickly and they also do not require as much maintenance. However, there are limits to the sizes and shapes that would be available to clients and certain chemicals may not work with a fiberglass pool.

Vinyl. While vinyl pools can come in any size or shape to meet a client’s custom needs, it does deteriorate over time.

Pool Pumps

To have a perfect pool in Las Vegas, your clients will need pool pumps. The pool pump is a necessary part of a pool’s circulatory system. How the pump works is it pulls water from the pool and pushes it to the other equipment, including the heater and filter. This allows the pool water that goes through all the systems to come back out into the pool to be treated and filtered. If a pool pump is not working properly, then the rest of the pool systems and equipment will suffer. However, not all pool pumps work for every pool and clients will need multiple options to select the right one for theirs.

Pool Filtration

An essential part of pool maintenance is pool filtration systems. Having the knowledge and supplies that your clients require can help them create a perfect Las Vegas pool that they love. The purpose of a successful pool filtration system is to remove dirt and debris from the pool in order to leave it sparkling. The pool pump draws the water out of the pool and then pushes it through the pool filter. Depending on the type of pool filter a client has, their cleaning schedule may vary. Sand pool filters should be backwashed every 1 to 4 weeks. Cartridge pool filters should be cleaned every 2 to 6 weeks. DE pool filters should be backwashed every 1 to 3 months.

Pool Chemicals

Pools, whether residential or commercial, are not safe unless they utilize pool chemicals. Utilizing chemicals such as chlorine and bromine help to protect swimmers from hazardous swimming conditions. Clients should understand the importance of maintaining proper pool chemistry. Unbalanced pools can lead to:

Skin irritation and eye problems. Pools that do not have properly balanced chemicals can lead to irritation, especially of the skin and eyes. While clients will need to ensure their pools are balanced to keep bacteria at bay, they will also want to ensure it is correct so they do not experience sensitivity to the chemicals.

Corrosion. If pool chemicals are not balanced properly, then corrosion can occur. Since pool chemicals are so strong, they can eat into your pool ladder and anything else that comes into contact with the pool water.  

Equipment damage. Improperly balanced pool water can create issues for the equipment and systems that are necessary for keeping the pool clean and safe. Clients may then have to replace these equipment pieces more frequently, costing them more in the long run.

Pool Repair

If there is a portion of the pool that has become damaged or will not operate correctly, fixing it as soon as possible should be on a pool professional’s list of priorities. This is because fixing a pool problem quickly can help to mitigate future issues for that client. Clients appreciate having access to a pool professional that offers regularly scheduled maintenance and repair services, which helps clients stick to a cleaning routine. Some aspects of pool repair and additional care services you could offer could include tile repair, filter pressure maintenance, and pumping cleaning services.

Pool professionals should be equipped to deal with all types and models of pool pumps, as well as filters. Some clients may take a DIY approach to cleaning and maintenance, which may lead to a hurdle when a pool professional arrives. However, expressing the importance of proper pool maintenance for the future can help that client take advantage of important pool cleaning services. Emphasis that even the smallest crack in a pool can lead to much bigger, and costly, issues down the line. So, it’s better to have a trained technician in to check out these problems early.

Helping You Meet the Needs of Your Clients

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